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At 96, This Grandmother Shatters Age Barriers at Love For Upcycling Fashion Show During Swim Week

Woke up feeling a bit stiff? Noticing a few more gray hairs? You might want to stop complaining for a minute when you hear about what Gloria Mantell Pallot has been up to.
The Coral Gables resident made her debut on the runway at the Love For Upcycling fashion show during Miami Swim Week this past Sunday night at M2 nightclub in South Beach.
Did we mention she’s 96 years old? We’ll give you a moment to pick your jaw up off the floor.
We checked the history books: Pallot is officially the oldest person ever to strut her stuff at the annual extravaganza celebrating all things skimpy.
Dressed in a blue one-piece bathing suit, with a charming escort on each arm, Pallot worked the catwalk for our sustainable fashion brand Love For Upcycling like a seasoned pro. She rocked the runway with an upcycled bathing suit that was created from one of her personal garments. Models’ outfits were also upcycled from the same piece. The audience erupted in cheers and applause, and at least one catcall was heard.
But this recent modeling gig wasn’t her first rodeo. In the 1940s, the grandmother of four was a proud Hurricane Honey, back when the University of Miami football games featured beauty queens on the sidelines. The last time she walked down an aisle was 73 years ago at her wedding. (As an aside, her husband Norton Pallot, a World War II veteran, turns 100 this year).

So, what’s the secret to the Miami Beach native’s longevity?
Maintaining a positive attitude, eating healthy—lots of soups and salads—and working out seven days a week, she says.
Age is just a number in her book.
“You can achieve anything you put your mind and heart into, including becoming a star at 96,” Pallot says. “I never stop dreaming.”



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